Hello Brewers:

Here's what to know about the days leading up to Hunahpu's Day:


  • When you check in, you'll receive your Brewers Packet with two Brewers wristbands, any additional Brewers wristbands you've purchased, a printed copy of the information in this email, a guide to some of our favorite breweries and restaurants in the area, a Brewers Swag Bag and four bottles of 2019 Hunahpu's Imperial Stout.

  • Once you sign for your passes and bottles, you will be 100% responsible for them.  If you lose your wristband or drop a bottle, we cannot replace these items! We suggest putting on your Brewers wristband as soon as you receive it, so it doesn't walk off.  Additionally, your Brewers wristband grants you free CCB draft beer in our Tasting Room from March 3rd thru March 10th, so it behooves you to put that band on!

  • If you do not pick up your Brewers Packet before 11 PM on Friday, March 8th, your passes will be waiting for you at the Brewers/Guest entrance at the festival on Saturday morning, though you'll have to return to the brewery after the festival to pick up your bottles of Hunahpu's Imperial Stout and swag bag.

Friday 3/8

  • Brewers will have access to their booth at the festival grounds (remember, that's Lots 5 & 7 at Raymond James Stadium, 4201 N. Dale Mabry Highway, Tampa FL 33607) from 9 AM to 7 PM on Friday, March 8th.  If you're bringing your own jockey box, have banners to hang, or have any other elaborate booth set up items, Friday is the optimal time to get things in order. We have overnight security in place on Friday night so anything you leave at your booth on Friday will be safe and sound.

  • PLEASE NOTE: no brewery shirts, hats, bottles, merchandise, etc. may be sold at your Hunahpu’s Day booth.  Swag, POS, giveaways are all welcome and encouraged, but breweries may not sell merch at their booth.

  • If you’ve never visited Cigar City Brewing before, our resident CCB expert Neil Callaghan and Production Manager Sean Sasscer will be doing a tour of the brewery at 3 PM on Friday 3/8.  They will lead our visiting breweries and other out-of-town dignitaries through the facility for an hour or so and will be happy to answer any and all questions about CCB.

  • If Cigar City Brewing has arranged for your accommodations, you'll be staying at the AC Hotel Tampa Airport at 4020 West Boy Scout Boulevard in Tampa, Florida (https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/tpaac-ac-hotel-tampa-airport/). Your room reservation will be under the name listed on the above-linked Google form, and will be paid by Cigar City Brewing.  If you have any issues checking in to your hotel, don't hesitate to reach out to Chris at (813) 785-8073 and we'll get everything straightened out. If you have any last-minute changes to your brewery staff attending Hunahpu’s Day, the hotel has been instructed to allow a change in the name on a room reservation ONLY if the same brewery is using the room. Proper brewery credentials (business card, staff badge, etc.) will be required to change the name on a brewery’s reservation.  

Brewer’s Reception

  • The Official Hunahpu's Day Brewers Reception will take place at Nebraska Mini Mart, 4815 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL from 7 PM to 11 PM on Friday, March 8th.  While we’ll have plenty of Cigar City Brewing beer for you to enjoy, we’d like the main focus of our Brewers Reception to be a big ol’ bottle share.  If you’re so inclined, please bring bottles or cans of some of your brewery’s favorite beers to share with your fellow brewers. Contributing beer to the share is encouraged but certainly not required.  The venue has live music scheduled and will have passed food items as well. A Hunahpu’s Day Brewers wristband is required for entry.


Arrival INFO:

  • Brewers may arrive as early at 7 AM to the festival grounds.  When arriving, brewers MUST have BOTH their Brewers wristband AND their US government issued ID or US/foreign passport.  If you arrive without your ID or your wristband you will not be allowed to enter Hunahpu's Day! Please note, you will have any bags checked by security.  Security will allow snacks, sealed water (not in glass containers), or beer that you are donating for the event. You will not be allowed in with any weapons, illegal drugs, hard liquor, glass, fireworks, or children.

  • We've arranged for a charter bus to make a loop between the AC Hotel Tampa Airport (the hotel where most of our out-of-town breweries will be staying) and the festival grounds between 9 AM and 6 PM on Saturday.  Feel free to take the bus to and from the event. The shuttle will pick you up in the front of the hotel and drop you off at the vendor entrance on the south side of the venue. This is where you will pick up the shuttle to return to the hotel.

  • If you are not taking the shuttle, parking is located in a lot on the south side of the venue. Access to the lot is ONLY via Himes Avenue.  The entrance is Lot 6. We will have a list for security that will have the name of the day of contact from that Google form. So even if that is not who is driving, that is the name you should drop to get in. We may be required to use a parking pass, and if so, it will be included in your Brewer Swag bag.

  • When you arrive at the festival grounds, head to the "BREWERS/VENDOR ENTRANCE" on the south end of the venue.  There you'll have your ID checked, your bag inspected, and you'll be given your tasting glass. You'll only receive your glass after having your ID checked so only one glass will be given out at a time.  If you lose your tasting glass during the event, you'll be relegated to a handsome 5 oz. plastic Dixie cup for the rest of the event!

  • You'll also receive a Brewers Food Ticket when you check in.  We've partnered with an amazing local restaurant Datz and they will have a nice spread for you in the Brewers Tent.  This Brewers Food Ticket can only be redeemed in the comfort of the Brewers Lounge and may not be redeemed at the food trucks, which will be feeding the rest of the festival.

  • As the event is taking place at an NFL stadium, all attendees, vendors, brewers and guests must adhere to the NFL's Clear Bag policy.  Click here for more details on this. Obviously, this is a strict policy, so we recommend bringing only the bare essentials to the event (empty water bottle, sun screen, winning attitude).  The clear bag will strictly enforced if you enter after 10am or through the main gates. So, get there early… but also leave stuff behind that isn’t essential.

Beer INFO:

  • Every brewery will have at least (1) volunteer to help set up your booth and to help you pour your beer during the event - unless you have purchased more than 3 EXTRA bands - then you will not have a volunteer assigned.  These volunteers will allow you to enjoy the fest a bit and try some of the amazing beer at the event. At the same time, festival attendees travel from far and wide for the opportunity to speak face-to-face with their favorite brewers so please make every effort to have a brewery representative at your booth at all times.  Your volunteers are there to help you pour, not to do all the work for you!

  • If you've indicated that you'll need a jockey box, we'll have a 2-tap box, CO2 and disposable containers to cool kegs waiting for you at your booth on Saturday morning.  We've completely cleaned the rental company out of jockey boxes so please make sure you're bringing a clean, functional jockey box to the event if you've indicated that you don't need a rental.  If you have any issues with your jockey box, our rental company will have techs on hand to solve your problem quickly and efficiently.

  • Your wholesaler will have plenty of hands at the festival to help deliver your kegs to your booth. Their drivers/representatives will also be available throughout the festival to get replacement kegs when your kegs kick.  You shouldn't need to worry about your beer arriving at your booth before or during the festival.

  • If your kegs require a KeyKeg coupler or any connection beyond a standard US “D” coupler, please bring these couplers with you to the festival!  We'll have a small number of KeyKeg and Euro couplers handy but please bring your own to ensure that we don't run low.

  • If you're pouring from bottles or cans, we'll have ice bins and bus tubs to keep your beer iced down and upright.  We'll also provide you with a disposable trash can to get rid of your empties.

  • Please have your booth set up and ready to roll by 10:00 AM.  This should give everyone plenty of time to walk around the fest, try some beer, schmooze and purchase some Hunahpu's Day merchandise before doors open at 11:00 AM.


Now it’s 11:00, the doors to the festival have opened and the teeming masses are descending upon your booth!  Here's what to expect during the event:

  • At 11:00 AM, the doors will open, and beer will begin flowing.  Please be at your booth, ready to pour by 10:45 AM. There will be no early entry or VIP hour at Hunahpu's Day.

  • Please limit pours to 2 oz.  A handy guide to this amount is to have the liquid hit the “2019” on the tasting glass.  Your volunteer can also show you exactly where on the Hunahpu's Day tasting glass indicates 2 oz.  We want as many people as possible to enjoy your beer, so a heavy pour does nothing but prevent someone else from enjoying your amazing beer.

  • Though we don't expect any unauthorized people wandering around the festival, please ensure that you're only pouring beer for people with a wristband (4, 8, 12-bottle, Guest, Vendor, Brewer or All Access).

  • We've set up an exclusive Brewers Area on the South East end of the festival.  Attendees are not allowed entrance, only Brewers and Vendors. We'll have your lunch provided by Datz, snacks, water, sunscreen, shade, seating and plenty of CCB beer to enjoy inside this area.  Your brewers wristband will be all you need to gain entrance.

  • The Brewers Area is separate from the VIP area, located on the North West end of the event.  Our VIP section is reserved for those who purchased 12-bottle tickets to Hunahpu's Day, and no other vendors/attendees/brewers will be granted access.

  • Again, no brewery shirts, hats, bottles, merchandise, etc. may be sold at your Hunahpu’s Day booth.  Swag, POS, giveaways are all welcome and encouraged, but breweries may not sell merch at their booth.

  • As with any other beer festival, please do not serve anyone who is visibly intoxicated.  Any intoxicated/disruptive guests will be handled by Raymond James security. These guys handle NFL games for a living so they'll be able to handle any situation that an intoxicated beer geek may present.  Tampa Police Department will also be on hand to assist.

  • We're excited to announce the return of our Best Brewery/Best Beer awards.  Attendees will be able to vote for their favorite beer and brewery throughout the day via the Hunahpu’s Day mobile web page, with winners being announced in front of the VIP tent at 3:00 PM.  Feel free to encourage those at the festival to vote for your brewery and to support your brand!

  • Last call for beer is 3:45 PM.  At 4:00 security and TPD will begin moving all attendees out of the festival.


PHEW, you made it through Hunahpu's Day 2019!  Now a few items after the festival:

  • Raymond James staff will begin cleaning the festival grounds immediately at 4 PM.  Please do everything you can to assist them; throwing away trash, cleaning up your booth, etc. will help everyone get home quickly.

  • Load-out will take place between 4 PM and 6 PM.  We're not up against super-hard timelines to load out like we've been in past years, but it is still important that we are out of the festival grounds in a quick and timely fashion.

  • As noted above, our shuttle to the AC Tampa Airport Hotel will continue to run until 6 PM.  The shuttle back to the hotel will pick you up where it dropped you off just outside the Vendor entrance on the south end of the event.  Feel free to make use of the shuttle and be nice to the driver!

  • Cigar City Brewing has partnered up with Gasparilla Music Festival and has arranged for all visiting brewers to receive passes to enjoy this amazing music festival featuring headliners The Avett Brothers and Gary Clark, Jr.  The festival takes place at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park in Downtown Tampa on Saturday and Sunday evenings. All breweries should have already received two free passes for both Saturday and Sunday nights in their inbox. Additionally, anyone wearing an intact Hunahpu's Day wristband will gain entrance to the event on Sunday, so if you have more than two folks interested in attending, they'll be able to enjoy the show on Sunday free of charge! Just go to the Box Office at the Gasparilla Music Festival on Sunday and show them your intact wristband and they will take care of the rest.

  • Your Brewer wristband will continue to grant you free beer in the Cigar City Brewing Tasting Room through Sunday evening, though the Tasting Room is historically a madhouse after Hunahpu's Day.  If you do come by the brewery, please expect longer waits for beer and be sure to take care of our bartenders.

  • If you had picked up your Brewers Packet on Saturday morning, head to the brewery to collect your (4) bottles of Hunahpu's Imperial Stout before 9 PM on Monday, March 11th.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

If you are looking for some other cool beer related things to do while you are in town, Tampa Bay Beer Week is in full swing.  You can check out some of the special events and tap takeovers all over the bay area with their calendar here.

Food & Drink suggestions:

Check out Ybor City - where you can dine at the historic Columbia Restaurant or grab a cigar or a Cuban sandwich from several places in the district. Don’t miss Reservoir Bar, Carmines, Tampa Bay Brew Company, or Cigar City Cider & Mead for for more food and drink options.

  • Cuban/Spanish food near the hotel: La Teresita Restaurant

  • Wine list that has something for everyone: Bern’s Steakhouse

  • Dive bar: The Hub or Tiny Tap

  • Cocktails: Haven or Hotel Bar

  • Cuisine that will inspire: Rooster & the Till, Mise en Place, Ichicoro, Edison, Datz

  • Food Halls: The Hall on Franklin or Armature Works