Uinta Brewing Company

1722 South Fremont Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
United States



Our Founder wanted to brew the country’s best beer, so he moved to the Country’s least beer-drinking State. He named us after a mountain range that even people here mispronounce. (You-in-tuh) We’ve been brewing and exploring since 1993, and here’s what we’ve learned along the way: There’s no one way to get anywhere. And some mountains run East to West (The Uintas). But it’s the unexpected that makes life exciting. And those we explore it with make it BIG. It’s a wild world we journey through. What you need isn’t a well-trod path…it’s a compass to trust as you cut your own. Following ours is how we ended up in Utah, and what we found here still inspires every beer we brew. We’re not saying move to Utah, we’re saying FIND YOURS (and drink ours). Together, we’re still writing our story–thanks for the adventures!

Beers Available at Hunahpu's Day®


Dortmunder/ Altbier

10.4% ABV

"The Adambier project was the outcome and celebration of a two year collaboration on a new barrel-aged glass released by Spiegelau and developed alongside Green Flash, Great Divide and Cigar City Brewing. In January of 2016 our brewers flew... Read more »

Brett Sea Legs

Baltic Porter/ Barrel Aged/ Dark Sour

8.2% ABV

Our complex Baltic Porter is back after a long journey through oak barrels with brettanomyces. Brett’d Sea Legs is an aromatic experience of deep flavors consisting of tart cherry, caramel and vanilla that finish with a hint of burnt coffee... Read more »