Sahtipaja AB

Torells väg 2
Sätila, VG 51169



Timo Krjukoff runs his micro brewery since February 2014 in his garage with an annual production of 5000 gallons of beer, cider, saké and mead. A small operation but well recognized internationally through sales of more than 90% of the production to export. Specializes in premium meads and sour beers.

Beers Available at Hunahpu's Day®

Feel the Beat, Raz

Berliner Weisse

4.7% ABV

Rött men inte Sött raspberry Berliner Weisse with tons of beetroots.

Blueberry Port Chipotle


15% ABV

Sweet still wildflower Melomel (mead) with blueberries and chipotle. Purposely oxidized to give the mead a bit of similar character as Port.