Serva 28
Tallinn, 11618



Põhjala was the first in the new wave of Estonian microbreweries, starting as a gypsy brewery at the end of 2012. In April 2014, we started brewing on our own Premier Stainless 12 hl brewhouse in Tallinn.
We brew small batches of hand crafted ales, using the best malts, loads of mostly New World hops and a relentless passion for good beer. When creating our beers, we are inspired by Nordic nature, Estonian new cuisine and the work of our fellow micro brewers in the U.S., UK and Scandinavia.
Põhjala is owned by Estonian beer enthusiasts and a Scottish head brewer.

Beers Available at Hunahpu's Day®

Must Kuld Colombia

Coffee Porter

7.8% ABV

A special version of the Must Kuld porter, brewed with a Caturra coffee from Finca La Chorrera in Colombia.
Appearance: Jet-black with a brief crema-like head.
Nose: Freshly brewed coffee, rich dark cacao, blackcurrant,... Read more »

Valge Öö PX (Cellar Series)

American Strong Ale

11.9% ABV

Sherry barrel aged limited version of the Valge Öö (White Night) "white stout".
Appearance: Rich, dark auburn, with a brief off-white head.
Nose: Dark fruits, plums, massively rich chocolate, nuts, and a French espresso... Read more »

Mel Gibson

Scottish Ale

12.2% ABV

Scottish Ale aged for months in Highland and Island Scotch Whisky barrels.
Appearance: Raisin brown with a light brown head.
Nose: Fresh sea salt, burnt caramel, toffee, and fig marmalade, followed by a rich honey on toast... Read more »

Odravein Port & Cognac BA (Cellar Series)

Barley Wine

14% ABV

Our anniversary barley wine, aged for nearly 12 months in Port and Cognac barrels.
Appearance: Rose red with an off white head that fades near-instantly.
Nose: toffee and christmas cake spices come through first, with a generous... Read more »