Cevada Pura

Av Maria Eliza 32
Piracicaba, Sao Paulo 13405-232



With 15 years, Cevada Pura is one of pioneers of the brazilian craft beer movement. Located at the countryside of Sao Paulo state, we work to create beers which can bring and transmit the essence of our land.

Beers Available at Hunahpu's Day®

Belgian Tripel Cevada Pura

Belgian Tripel with Spanish saffron and Brazilian pink peppercorn

7% ABV

Brewed with our friends from Cerveza Domus (Spain), our Belgian-Style Tripel, brings a brazilian + spanish twist. This golden colored beer with fruity and fenolic aroma, have an earthy taste coming from spanish saffron added into boil, and... Read more »

Session Tropical IPA

Session IPA

4.8% ABV

When you say that you come from a place like Brazil, people always think about soccer, beach, samba and tropical fruits.
Maybe it is all of this, maybe not, but, this is what this beer is about: A refreshing golden beer with a nice tropical... Read more »