Casa Agria Specialty Ales

701 Del Norte Blvd
Oxnard, CA 93030



Casa Agria Specialty Ales is a small brewery focusing on mixed fermentation farmhouse style ales and barrel aged wild ales in Ventura County, California. Like much of California, Ventura County agriculture and farming has played a vital role in the development of the communities here throughout time. The mild climate and rich soil allows for several harvests throughout the year making it one of the most valuable resources here. For these reasons the farmhouse style is a perfect style to refresh during a warm dry winter and a mild summer day alike from one harvest to the next. Further influence is found in the food ingredients and diverse cultural traditions of the people who shaped the California of today.

Beers Available at Hunahpu's Day®

Camino Del Sol


8% ABV

Double IPA with Vic's Secret, Simcoe, and Citra.

Flesh and Stone


8.7% ABV

Saison de la Casa with Rainer Cherries and Apriums.

Guayaba de la Pasion

Berliner Weisse

4.4% ABV

Made specifically for Hunaphu Day. Foeder aged Berliner weisse aged with Guava and Passion fruit.

Heritage Gold

Golden Sour

7.1% ABV

Foeder aged golden sour ale refermented on Masumoto Family Farms' Sun Crest peaches. Known as golden globes Sun Crests are an endangered heirloom varietal that are extraordinarily juicy and aromatic.

Frambuesa de la Casa


8.7% ABV

Frambuesa de la Casa is derived from our foeder-aged Saison de la Casa for 10 months and re-fermented on a high concentration of fresh picked raspberries grown in Oxnard, California. Following several months of re-fermentation Frambuesa... Read more »