B. Nektar

1511 Jarvis Street
Ferndale, Michigan 48220



Guided by geeky imagination, influenced by sub-pop culture and never satisfied with the status quo, B. Nektar aims to bring a modern twist on mead as well as diversify craft mead, cider and beer.

B. Nektar Meadery was founded in 2006 by Brad and Kerri Dahlhofer, with the help of their good friend Paul Zimmerman.

Beers Available at Hunahpu's Day®

Ow! My Mangos!


12% ABV

Honey mango wine with natural flavors and habaneros.
Originally started as a B. Nektar's B-Side, a rare collection of limited edition batches that are often our mead makers' pet projects.
Orange Blossom... Read more »

Oh My God, They Killed Zombie!


12% ABV

Apple Mead with Cherry and Spices added
Hey guys, what do you get when you have half Zombie Killer, half Zombies Take Manhattan, and half spiced Imperial Zombie Killer? You get Oh My God, They Killed Zombie, you bastards! Now, respect... Read more »