Alpine Beer Company

2363 Alpine Blvd
Alpine, California 91901



A small brewery with humble aspirations, established in 1999 and continuing to emphasize quality and diversity. We are delighted to enhance your drinking and dining experience while here on earth.

Beers Available at Hunahpu's Day®

Windows Up


7.0% ABV

Windows Up is a single IPA made with Mosaic and Citra hops.
It pours a hazy straw color and is topped with bright white
beer foam. Piney aromas mingle with fruity notes, while hints
of citrus fruit and an overall lingering... Read more »

Nelson IPA


7.0% ABV

Named after Nelson Sauvin, an outstanding hop varietal from
New Zealand. The hop is introduced through the brewing and
dry-hopping of this complex and well-balanced IPA. A hazy straw
hued ale, Nelson is topped by bright... Read more »