Odravein Port & Cognac BA (Cellar Series)


Barley Wine
 ABV: 14%
Our anniversary barley wine, aged for nearly 12 months in Port and Cognac barrels.
Appearance: Rose red with an off white head that fades near-instantly.
Nose: toffee and christmas cake spices come through first, with a generous dose of cognac warmth rising into the aroma. Dark fruits and rich madeira wine notes follow, enticing you to explore further.
Taste: Rich, sweet malts, with dates, raisins, wine-soaked figs, dried plums and ginger biscuits. Cognac and ludicrously complex grape flavours come into play very quickly, balancing out all this sweetness with intricately layered tannins from the oak coming into play. After this assault on the sense, toffee and caramelised sugar come in - like a visit to Grandma’s kitchen, with the added bonus of some alcohol to warm you on a cold spring night.