Dark Track

Barley Mow Brewing Company

Imperial Milk Stout Aged On Vanilla Beans
 ABV: 10%
Aged on whole Madagascar Vanilla bean, this full bodied Imperial Stout has huge aromas of vanilla bean and cocoa, followed by a rich and complex roasted malt and chocolate character that has a slightly warming finishing.

Pairings: Whiskey bread pudding, S’mores, and The wailing of weary souls

The boundlessness reigns infinite from the emptiness of the desolate tracks strewn across this land. They dance to the sounds of the wretched steel and gravel torn apart by the stampeding force of the night ride. A faint wail of the fiddle and dimly lit glow from the fire take over as one approaches The Dark Track, the dangerous unmarked highway for weary souls looking for the meaning of the all. Above and Below.